NBCX Full-service Investments

NBCX has been helping financial dreams come true since 2006. Investors have been realizing returns for years and now you can too.

When we first started accepting investing clients, like all other companies, the minimum deposit allowed was well into the thousands; then something happened. We realized that there was NO COMPANY for people who weren’t as financially well-off as the $10,000 investors. According to many researchers, the average American only has $300 in savings – so we changed our thinking and business model. In order to really “help” people, we decided to create our investment program around the average person.

Our Full-service Investment option is designed with you in mind. The banks offer a measly 1% interest PER YEAR – what an insult. You put $1,000 in your savings, by year’s end, you’ve increased a WHOPPING (are you seated for this…) $10. You waited a whole year for $10. With NBCX Full-service Investments, our minimum investment is $10, perfectly affordable. NBCX guarantees up to 20% return – MONTHLY! Here is what an investment looks like with our program – you invest $100 and every month it earns up to $20 (more than the amount you earn annually in savings). By year’s end, you’ve increased $240, from your $100 investment – wow, now that’s a return!

NBCX stands by this 20% monthly guarantee and has since ’06. Also, did we mention that, unlike our competitors, we DO NOT charge any COMMISSION fees to trade your money. That means this is a TOTALLY FREE investment. Maybe that’s why our investors are so happy and stay with us. ┬áHere is what you get when you invest with NBCX:

  • up to 20% monthly return guarantee
  • NO COMMISSION trading
  • Separate integrated account
  • Low $10 minimum deposit
  • Easy deposit/withdraw option
  • A personal investment trader
  • 24-hr access to account and info
  • Peace of mind

The Full-service Investment option is definitely the investment choice for you. Below is are the rates for each option:

  1. Option 1
    • 1-month commitment
    • 5% return
    • $10 minimum
  2. Option 2
    • 9-month commitment
    • 10% return
    • $10 minimum
  3. Option 4 (bonus)
    • 12-month commitment
    • 20% return
    • $50 minimum
    • Bonus check from 12-month commitment pool

* NBCX matches 20% of every deposit that goes into the 12-month commitment option. 50% of the money is sent to a local non-profit organization fighting childhood hunger. The other half is pooled & bonus checks are sent to all of our 12-month investors.