nbcx university

Education or Remuneration?
Why choose between them when you can have both!

At the NBCX University, we don't just teach our students "how" to trade, but we also give them the funding necessary "to" trade. We believe in the old adage, "put your money where your mouth is," so we do just that. We trust our education so much, that we back it up by giving you OUR MONEY to trade. We understand that most people have a full-time life - family, job, school, travel, etc; that is why our hybrid start-up course is exactly what you've been waiting for. It is designed for those that wish to work at their own pace AND for those that wish to make some immediate Forex moves.

When you enroll into our FREE course, you will be given a LIVE account and we will fund that account with $1,000 (real money). Not only will you receive dynamic educational material, but you will also have the privilege of practicing all that you are learning on your LIVE account. We will give you 14 days to trade with our money, then we ask that you make a decision. If you wish to continue your learning at a slower pace, the account will automatically be converted into demo account and you can continue demo trading for the duration of your education. However, if you decide that you prefer the more accelerated learning style (that earns real money), you will be instructed on the next steps and how you can claim all profits earned during your 2-week training/trading period.

During the 2-week training/trading period, we will provide:

*FREE live account (funded with $1,000)
*FREE Educational webinars
*FREE Video tutorials
*FREE emailed lesson plans
*FREE 24-hr online account chat support
*FREE emailed diploma upon completion

If you wish to continue at a slower pace (after the 2-weeks), all of the above benefits will continue to be available for the life of your training. If you choose to do the more accelerated pace (after the 2-week period), along with the above benefits, we will also include:

*FREE educational app (stocked with videos, forums, educational lessons & quizzes)
*FREE unlimited access to our Forex trading signal service (for better trading)
*FREE unlimited email support from your own personal learning coach
*...and you keep all the profits made during the 2-week training/trading period

Most companies charge thousands for a fraction of what we are offering. What makes us the BEST educational company, is that we give our entire package - FREE OF CHARGE!!! That's right, we will NEVER ask you for one penny.

Enroll below and receive your $1,000 bonus start-up:

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