What NBCX can do for you

When it comes to improving your financial outlook, NBCX is here for you.

NBCX University

*Forex Razor School

In this online educational course, NBCX ensures that you will learn everything necessary in order to have a successful Forex trading career. And the best thing… it’s all FREE! Click here for more details.

NBCX Investments

Leave it to the Pros!

This is designed for clients who want to take advantage of the high potential profitability the Forex market offers, but don’t have the time or desire needed to master the currency markets. Click here for details.

NBCX Traders

If you already trade Forex, then you understand the power of the Market. NBCX wants to invest in your trading ability. Let us help you earn some EXTRA money for doing what you are already doing successfully – trading. This is a FREE program. Click here for details.

NBCX Careers

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NBCX Free Gift

NBCX understands that Forex can be very difficult at times, that is why we want to help your Forex journey. NBCX is offering to provide Forex Signal Service to anyone interested. And the best part is... it is FREE. That's right, we are GIVING AWAY signal service for free. Click here to subscribe for free.


There is a whole team working for you. Let us help you.
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Dr. Allen Brewer

Founder / CEO
Dr. Brewer has been trading Forex for well over 10 years. With his great knowledge of the Market and passion to see people succeed, NBCX has created many programs and helped scores of people to move into a Forex success story.
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Domestic & International Operations Director
Josan (JP) hails from Germany. He has been in the Commodities/Futures Market for almost 10 years. He finally made the switch to Forex and has been with NBCX since 2011.
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Senior Consultant
Ashley is from Singapore. She has been trading Forex for 5 years and enjoys teaching Forex. Ashley has been with NBCX since 2013.
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Tim is one of those guys that everyone loves. He comes from New York and has this infectious spirit. Everyone he meets is his friend. After graduating from college in 2009 with a dual business/marketing degree – it was obvious that Tim was the obvious choice for NBCX.


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