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NBCX has finally leveled the playing field. You no longer need to be a millionaire to be an investor.

NBCX now has 2 unique service that are sure to meet EVERY budget. Open an account and start earning TODAY!!!

NBCX Self-service Investments

We understand that sometimes, the best person to handle your money is you; NBCX wants to give you the tools necessary to create that success. Whether you are totally clueless of the Forex Market or are a mature, active trader, we WILL take care of you.

For beginners:
* NBCX provides FREE education, a live trading account (you start earning from day 1), and a personal trading coach.

For advanced/experts:
* NBCX provides a live trading account, daily trading signals, and a personal trading coach.

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NBCX Full-service Investments

Our MOST POPULAR service is the Full-service investment option. Investors receive peace of mind, knowing that their investment is being monitored by a professional trader with no less than 10 years of trading experience. With investments as low as $10, even the most budget-savvy person can become an investor & earn returns. Let our pros work for you, today and start receiving your monthly return.

Fact: Banks are RIPOFFS!
Fact: They make over 400% off of your investments, but only give 1% annually!
Fact: NBCX traders earn our investors up to 20% MONTHLY return.

Stop throwing your money away in small yielding accounts and start taking control of your future!

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NBCX Trading Partner Program

If you already trade Forex, then you obviously understand the power of the Market. NBCX wants to partner with you and invest in your trading ability.

Let us pay you for doing what you are already doing successfully – trading. Not only is it FREE to partner up, but there also special benefits we will offer.

* TOTALLY FREE program
* You get paid to trade
* Join a globally trusted broker
* Up to 1:1000 leverage
* Company will double your investments

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Investing done the right way

Finally, there's a company that is looking out for you.

NBCX is the first ever Global Bargain Venture Company. That's right, we specialize in making investments possible for "the regular" person.

For years, being an investor meant that you had to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank. It meant that you needed to have a complete working knowledge of the market. Being an investor meant that Wall Street & the Dow had to become a permanent part of your vocabulary.

With NBCX, all that is a thing of the past. Being a profitable investor is NOW possible, from the student in community college to the minimum-wage restaurant server; from the stay-home-mom to the factory working dad - and everyone in-between... You can now become an investor and begin creating life-long wealth.

Here are a few reasons to start TODAY...

* Investments as low as $1
* Leverage of 1,000 to 1 (we put $1000 to every $1 invested)
* Experienced personal coach
* Guaranteed monthly returns (full-service accounts)
* Earning potential within 24 hrs
* 100% control over funds
* many many more.

This is definitely an offer that is too hard to resist. For over 15 years, we've been helping people achieve their financial goals - whether they started with $2 or $2000. Our job is simple - make your future brighter. It's that simple.


There is a whole team working for you. Let us help you.
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Dr. Allen Brewer

Founder / CEO
Dr. Brewer has been trading Forex since 2002. With his great knowledge of the Market and passion to see people succeed, NBCX has created many programs and helped scores of people to move into a Forex success story.
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Domestic & International Operations Director
Josan (JP) hails from Germany. He has been in the Commodities/Futures Market since 2007. He finally made the switch to Forex and has been with NBCX since 2011.
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Senior Consultant
Ashley is from Singapore. She has been trading Forex since 2010 and enjoys teaching Forex. Ashley has been working with NBCX since 2013.
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Tim is one of those guys that everyone loves. He comes from New York and has this infectious spirit. Everyone he meets is his friend. After graduating from college in 2009 with a dual business/marketing degree – it was obvious that Tim was the obvious choice for NBCX.


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